Play online tournaments

Play on-line tournaments

You could make cash playing PUBG as an man or woman, a duo, or in a squad format through collaborating in on-line tournaments with cash prizes. Prizes are offered in a leaderboard style with the top prize going to the last man (or lady) status. Some on-line platforms obtainable are Toornament, FACEIT, GamerzArena and Battlefy.

If you want to go beyond online tournaments you may make cash gambling PUBG in open LAN events that could every now and then have big coins prizes. Another option is to join the respectable PUBG Europe League or North American League tournaments. Any team is capable of join up and compete and get a chance to win a percentage of the €1,000,000 prize pool.For more info goto poker online

One way to earn coins playing PUBG is by joining an online event or a event.

Sell in-sport items

If you don’t have the more hours to position into streaming or to teach for aggressive occasions, you could still make cash simply gambling PUBG on your unfastened time.
When you play PUBG you earn warfare factors (BP). These factors are the in-recreation currency and you use them to shop for crates. Once purchased, you could both open and hold the contents to your stock or you could sell them on websites like Skins.Cash, BitSkins, G2G and Gameflip. Similarily, when you have rare or uncommon beauty gadgets, you could sell these too.
3. Sell your recreation account

You aced the game (after 1000+ hours) and now you’re done with bird dinners. Perhaps you want parachute from some other plane for a trade!

So what approximately selling your recreation account with all your skins, BP and wins to the best bidder? Though no longer condoned, on websites like PlayerAuctions and G2G you could list your account and get money for it.

The disadvantage to this selection is that it’s miles a one time deal. On the alternative hand you’ll be capable of try out new games or simply begin over.
Four. Bet on match outcomes

If you like the game and apprehend it well, but you’re not a superb participant, or in case you are accurate however want some other earnings circulate, you could constantly guess on it. Whether this is along with your pals or having a bet on seasoned tournaments, it’s a positive way to earn cash.

Websites like Sickodds will convert your strategic information in actual cash, if you get the odds proper!