Incredible Online Poker Transformations

The ability to maintain a straight face is based on the suppression of their emotions, and this is a kind of acting game. This is difficult to imagine for most of the people, because various emotions are often reflected on our face – joy, disappointment, sadness, hope and much more. In order to learn to hide all emotions behind a mask, you need to have such ability as intentional, conscious deception .

Poker is the most inappropriate game to demonstrate 먹튀검증업체.The image of a poker player suggests that he should always be indifferently calm . If you intend to discard cards – you do not give a look, look concentrated and calmly. If you have a strong hand that can win, you are still calm. If you were angry with failure, you are still calm.

If fortune turned to face you – you just look. Emotions can be demonstrated between rallies, but after the start of the game you should again put on a mask.

Hone a balanced facial expression can help training near the mirror. So do all actors who want to improve their skills. The image of a poker player is obliged to harmonize with his own personality, this will not allow him to give himself out during the game. Some players create a special image for themselves.

They can smile at every hand , so that no one can recognize what that smile means. But some are trying to grow facial hair on the face, in order to hide as much as possible the force of the jaw muscles, if this is their weak point.Many real poker players at the table do not part with dark glasses to hide the expression of their eyes and in many ways facial expressions.In the eyes of the enemy can read a lot. But some players have mastered the steel look technique .