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Discover how self-inflating techniques like the Hummer’s CTIS work.How Sequential Gearboxes WorkCombine the ease of an automatic with the driver control of a manual, and what you have got is a sequential manual transmission.  Rather than having to navigate an H pattern, a simple forward push advances the gear.  It’s the transmission used by race cars and an increasing amount of high-energy road cars.

Learn all about the sequential gearbox

How Torque Converters Used auto parts near me using an automatic transmission don’t have any clutch which disconnects the transmission in the motor.  Rather, they utilize an wonderful device called a torque converter.  Learn all about the torque converter.Electrical Method How Wires, Fuses and Connectors WorkWires, fuses and connectors – they may sound like the most mundane parts on your vehicle, but they’re essential.

They help keep the tunes going for a long ride

And they make reading that map at night much easier.  However, they’re also necessary for things like the cooling fan in the engine and your anti-lock brakes.  Learn why wires, fuses and connectors are so important!The Way Ignition Systems WorkAn automobile’s ignition system is the key element that helps the engine produce maximum power and minimum pollution.  Discover how much is riding a well-timed spark.

How Car Computers WorkCars appear to get more complex with each passing season 

Today’s cars might have as many as 50 microprocessors on them.  Basically, you’re driving around in a giant computer.  Learn all about the a variety of computer systems that control your car.How Windshield Wipers WorkWithout windshield wipers, a rain storm would make cars pretty much useless.

What started as a hand-cranked system is now automatic, and only getting more so:

There are now some windshield wipers that can actually sense rain.  Learn the mechanics behind this essential automotive tool.Exhaust SystemHow Catalytic Converters WorkA catalytic converter is one of the main parts of a car’s emissions control system.